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The idea of this blog came to me after having numerous idea's about how technology can and is taking over one's life and we need to find a way so often to slow down and take time to recognize and enjoy the things that are right in front of us. Enjoy the simple sight of a bird feeder, or take a walk for no reason. Among other ideas relating I wanted to find a place to dump these thoughts and figured there would be others out there, even if it may not apply to them or some things may be out of their control, would enjoy the read.

My name is Sean, and I currently work as a field technician for a school district and get to help kids use technology and keep everything up and running which is a blast. I'm currently 29 and it seems the older I'm getting the less I desire to be attached to my phone and technology when I can relax with some music and a book and explore great ideas and grow in ways I just now started to realize. Don't let go of the simple things, they keep stress minimal. Sometimes we need to take a step back.

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