the b3ginning

i am just going to start with a fairly aimless ramble.  i like the style of complete lack of capitalization for some things out of pure "damn the man"-ness, as well as laziness and just a sense of nonchalance, so that will be my style in this whole endeavor.
i always have a constant flow of "man i wish things were like that" kind of thoughts usually relating to how things used to be when they were less complicated.  everything now is so connected, instant, and selfish. i am sure i could find slightly better words to describe that but in time it will evolve.
i work in a field where devices, access, and that "always connected" is a necessity. at times its maniacally frustrating. not the fact that i have to keep it working, but the persistent thought that certain things have permanently changed and not always for the better.

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