h0w many things d0 y0u need t0 d0 at 0nce?

how much of a hurry are we in that everyone has that ever habitual urge to get to that call or that text no matter where they so happen to be. there are places and times that it is simply not suitable to have a close relationship with  your technology. Driving is the primary locale where that is applicable. most everyone has been there, done that.

there was once a time where no one could get a hold of you while you were in transit from point a to point b. they got by, they survived until they got a hold of you or you got back to them. that same idea still applies nowadays. if no one heard from you during your 10 minute drive to your next destination, in most cases time would pass normally as it always has been until you can give it your undivided attention.

what do most people do when they are talking on the phone? they pace, they lose focus on the task they are trying to accomplish whether it be picking out groceries, or driving.it is interesting to think how our brain functions like the technology we use. it essentially RAM which can be compared to our attention span. once this RAM get filled by things we are doing error begin to occur. one thing that i fund exceptionally amusing is that one thing so many of us do when we are driving, we turn down the radio when we are looking for something like an address. that is our brains making us switch focus. however replace the radio for a phone, we are unable to turn that down and we have begun to incorporate that into our daily lives so much so that its higher on the list of priorities than so many other tasks.

why does it have to be so imperative that everything be answered immediately? but hey, from what it seems the same technology is distracting you in the near future may just be taking over entirely and driving for you. technology in some cases moves faster than we can keep up with. try to keep up with everything and you can get stretched thin.

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