a simple f0undati0n

my ambition in this journey is to provide my perspective on various aspects of the tech world we live in, and make the insight helpful, productive, and absent of some sort of hidden agenda. i would not in anyway classify myself as a writer so organizing my thoughts into a coherent, and rational message will be challenging at times.
so i deal with technology all the time from working in the i.t. field, to having spent endless hours playing games. i remember as a kid whether it was after school , on weekends and over the summer waking when the sun began to shine and venturing outside to start my day. i would have to wait various amounts of time because i was always the first one of my friends to wake up. this was all in proximity to the release of the beloved nintendo 64. so we had games but that was the most advanced thing around that time. the internet was primitive. our first instinct of each day even if it was raining was what can we find to do outside.
nowadays it seems as if right from the point anyone especially from the later generations goes right to a smartphone, tablet, or a pc. that act in most cases lands them right on some sort of social media. lately i have preferred to ignore that urge. the thought has crossed my mind many times in the recent past that if i am seen engaging in this activity habitually what will my son end up doing once he gets top the point of more advanced uses of tech other than aimlessly smashing buttons with his baby herculean strength. it is not that i do not want him to limit or use technology, but have that capacity to enjoy things of more substance. use the tech available to you, that is okay. try to not let it sit in the driver seat.

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