40 days unplugged and in c0ntr0l 0f y0ur tech

some people give up sugary delights, some a certain beverage, some get much more serious about their sacrifice. albeit tough, nowadays that is nothing compared to trying to yield another crutch, the technology you use regularly. go tweet free, or leave the evidence of your instagram journey's to the imagination of your followers, or update your status by simply enjoying the experience free of sharing it with those not immediately around you. 
what is this craziness i speak of? you cannot endure even a few hours without a phone or a digital social connection. with a trivial amount of hypocrisy i say this since i am indeed connected in numerous ways to put this out there. so obviously for most of us, we cannot completely unplug as we need certain things. for a short duration, back away from the facebook, slowly.
now do not think that giving up something like this is just a trivial test of your resolve, cause that is not the case here. there should be a purpose, something of deeper meaning but simple. get more out of that time you now have. do something you enjoy doing, work on your hobby, start a hobby if you dont have one. sharing endless funny pictures you run across is not a qualified activity but i, of course am plenty guilty of that as well.

featured image from http://s.marketwatch.com/public/resources/MWimages/MW-BW267_facebo_MG_20140310102210.jpg

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