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homework now

this is pebble, say hi to pebble. he lets me read texts without taking my phone out of my pocket so i can justify whether to pause everything and reply, he lets me change music tracks on my phone safely so i do not have to look away from the road, he does not tell me how far i ran or how poorly i slept the previous night. he is basic, he helps me, fit bit told me to walk more, fitbit told me to sleep better. be like pebble, i like pebble.
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the great 0utd00rs

so granted that i am a geek and a gadget loving kind of person, i like the sound idea of not molding the mind of my child to be habitually attached to some sort of "device". so as long as it is decent weather we stay outside as long as humanly possible and partake in activities such as puddle jumping like the good ol days.

h0w many things d0 y0u need t0 d0 at 0nce?

how much of a hurry are we in that everyone has that ever habitual urge to get to that call or that text no matter where they so happen to be. there are places and times that it is simply not suitable to have a close relationship with  your technology. Driving is the primary locale where that is applicable. most everyone has been there, done that.

there was once a time where no one could get a hold of you while you were in transit from point a to point b. they got by, they survived until they got a hold of you or you got back to them. that same idea still applies nowadays. if no one heard from you during your 10 minute drive to your next destination, in most cases time would pass normally as it always has been until you can give it your undivided attention.

what do most people do when they are talking on the phone? they pace, they lose focus on the task they are trying to accomplish whether it be picking out groceries, or driving.it is interesting to think how our brain functions like the technology we use. it essentially RAM which can be compared to our attention span. once this RAM get filled by things we are doing error begin to occur. one thing that i fund exceptionally amusing is that one thing so many of us do when we are driving, we turn down the radio when we are looking for something like an address. that is our brains making us switch focus. however replace the radio for a phone, we are unable to turn that down and we have begun to incorporate that into our daily lives so much so that its higher on the list of priorities than so many other tasks.

why does it have to be so imperative that everything be answered immediately? but hey, from what it seems the same technology is distracting you in the near future may just be taking over entirely and driving for you. technology in some cases moves faster than we can keep up with. try to keep up with everything and you can get stretched thin.

s0unds ab0ut right

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40 days unplugged and in c0ntr0l 0f y0ur tech

some people give up sugary delights, some a certain beverage, some get much more serious about their sacrifice. albeit tough, nowadays that is nothing compared to trying to yield another crutch, the technology you use regularly. go tweet free, or leave the evidence of your instagram journey's to the imagination of your followers, or update your status by simply enjoying the experience free of sharing it with those not immediately around you. 
what is this craziness i speak of? you cannot endure even a few hours without a phone or a digital social connection. with a trivial amount of hypocrisy i say this since i am indeed connected in numerous ways to put this out there. so obviously for most of us, we cannot completely unplug as we need certain things. for a short duration, back away from the facebook, slowly.
now do not think that giving up something like this is just a trivial test of your resolve, cause that is not the case here. there should be a purpose, something of deeper meaning but simple. get more out of that time you now have. do something you enjoy doing, work on your hobby, start a hobby if you dont have one. sharing endless funny pictures you run across is not a qualified activity but i, of course am plenty guilty of that as well.

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did y0u miss it?

so i started reading a book which i was drawn in by the title. wow has this book given me ideas. one idea led me to a hilarious video clip that can be extensively linked into many ideas that are on the forefront. this Attention Test puts on a great display of how our attention works.
you can  supplant the items you are told to count with any one aspect of technology. we have become so ingrained in the amazing devices we hold in our hand most of the day or ever popular now is the items we can now wear that we can easily miss out on what is right there. think about what has passed, or was said, or was done, or what happened that you missed while you were focused at one point to reading something on your phone, texting , posting something, liking a status. i am guilty of this so many times over. i laughed so hard after watching that video.

a simple f0undati0n

my ambition in this journey is to provide my perspective on various aspects of the tech world we live in, and make the insight helpful, productive, and absent of some sort of hidden agenda. i would not in anyway classify myself as a writer so organizing my thoughts into a coherent, and rational message will be challenging at times.
so i deal with technology all the time from working in the i.t. field, to having spent endless hours playing games. i remember as a kid whether it was after school , on weekends and over the summer waking when the sun began to shine and venturing outside to start my day. i would have to wait various amounts of time because i was always the first one of my friends to wake up. this was all in proximity to the release of the beloved nintendo 64. so we had games but that was the most advanced thing around that time. the internet was primitive. our first instinct of each day even if it was raining was what can we find to do outside.
nowadays it seems as if right from the point anyone especially from the later generations goes right to a smartphone, tablet, or a pc. that act in most cases lands them right on some sort of social media. lately i have preferred to ignore that urge. the thought has crossed my mind many times in the recent past that if i am seen engaging in this activity habitually what will my son end up doing once he gets top the point of more advanced uses of tech other than aimlessly smashing buttons with his baby herculean strength. it is not that i do not want him to limit or use technology, but have that capacity to enjoy things of more substance. use the tech available to you, that is okay. try to not let it sit in the driver seat.

the b3ginning

i am just going to start with a fairly aimless ramble.  i like the style of complete lack of capitalization for some things out of pure "damn the man"-ness, as well as laziness and just a sense of nonchalance, so that will be my style in this whole endeavor.
i always have a constant flow of "man i wish things were like that" kind of thoughts usually relating to how things used to be when they were less complicated.  everything now is so connected, instant, and selfish. i am sure i could find slightly better words to describe that but in time it will evolve.
i work in a field where devices, access, and that "always connected" is a necessity. at times its maniacally frustrating. not the fact that i have to keep it working, but the persistent thought that certain things have permanently changed and not always for the better.